Craft Dedicated Full Service Contract Brewing

We serve small to mid-size breweries here in Texas and regionally to create great partnerships in our industry and help to grow great brands. While not only are there few opportunities for brewers to contract brew their beers, many such breweries only offer services at a scale that is too large and too expensive for small brewers. That is where we come in.

Our operations are scaled to work with smaller brewers and provide opportunities to incrementally increase capacity and production without the need to launch into an expansion project or take on the high cost of capital.

We can help you grow your business so you don’t have to take on the burden of debt and the risk that comes with more space, equipment, and the stress of enlarging your brewing facility.

In addition, NTBCo is here to help you every step of the way from conceptualizing, branding, packaging, recipe formulation, and gaining distribution for your product. Whether you are a brewery currently in operation and just need to make more beer, or you are ready to enter the complex world of brewing, our team of industry professionals can help.

Brewing Services


State-of-the-art Brew System

We employ a steam-heated 30bbl 4-vessel brewing system here at NTBCo with full touch panel and pneumatic controls, automatic digital water mixing system and programmable mash schedules all design by Newlands Systems. With this system we can brew well over 120 barrels of beer per day and ensure that we are brewing your beer to spec every time.

Brewing System

Fine tuning

Your recipe not quite ready? Our brewers will work with you on our 3bbl fully electric pilot system. Our knowledgable staff will help to identify best practices for the beer you want to brew and get your recipe ready to scale for commercial production and packaging.

Packaging Services

We do offer filtration services at NTBCo and highly recommend filtration for your beer with our 10m2 DE filter. With low to virtually no oxygen pickup, filtration will offer more product stability in packaging and through the life of the distribution channel.

Our canning line is a rotary monbloc filler able to package both 12oz and 16oz cans with 202 LOE ends at roughly 65 cans per minute. Additionally, we prefer the use of PakTech 6-pack or 4-pack carriers and can help you secure your order. With that setup in mind, we can easily package over 1,200 cases per workday here at the brewery.

What is one of the biggest challenges with packaging materials? Storage! We offer storage for all of your packaging materials. Additionally, we work closely with the Ball Corporation on securing cans and our design team can help ensure that your can designs have the appropriate specification for can printing. We will also accept shipments of your cans if you wish to source them on your own.

Need a small run of cans? We can source high-quality shrink wrapped cans shipped right here to the brewery in quantities of 3,000 to over 45,000 cans (a minimum order of direct printed cans from the Ball Corporation is 233,400 cans). Shrink wrapped cans offers smaller quantities for limited or seasonal releases and save on storage costs.

Laboratory Services

At North Texas Brewing Company, we monitor each and every step of brewing, fermenting, and packaging to ensure that the beer leaving our facility is of the utmost quality. Our quality control and quality assurance program detects the presence of beer spoiling bacteria through the use of BrewPAL molecular diagnostics as well as culturing on five types of differential growth media. We use a Charm ATP luminometer, which detects the presence of organic material, to assure that all of our vessels are properly sanitized before transferring beer.

  • We regularly analyze our water source to confirm that the minerals in our brewing water are impeccable.
  • Our Anton Paar dissolved oxygen and carbon dioxide meter allows us to guarantee that the beer we package is perfectly carbonated while keeping dissolved oxygen levels to a minimum.
  • We conduct weekly tasting panels where trained participants judge beer for consistency, trueness to brand, and the presence of off-flavors.

Branding & Design Services

Today's beverage market can be so crowded that it's imperative that your product be recognizable, of high quality, and speak for you on the shelf to encourage purchase. While packaging isn't a cure-all it is certainly important and becoming more so every day. We offer a wide range of packaging design and production services.

  • Consulting
  • Label Design
  • Label Prep for Production
  • Press Checks/Proofing
  • Quality Control
  • Primary and Secondary Packaging
  • Tap Handle Design
  • POS Design

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